Out Today by The Orchard: Jim Gaffigan, Jason Isbell & More

Every weekend is different. Sometimes you want to laugh, sometimes you want to just relax and listen to great new music and sometimes you want to discover a national conspiracy (just me?). Whatever you want this weekend, we’ve got it, from some wholesome comedy to a fascinating documentary.

After streaming on Netflix, Jim Gaffigan’s fifth comedy special Cinco is now available on audio, brought to you by Comedy Dynamics. Master of clean comedy, Gaffigan shares his gift of making just about anything hilarious, poking fun at everything from international travel to family life without relying on dirty jokes for easy laughs. He isn’t afraid to make fun of himself either (food, and his love of it, seems to be a common theme). Featuring bonus material and track commentary, Cinco is a ton of fun, and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day. Watch a clip from the special below, and get the album here.

Country-rock dream team Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit releases their new Southeastern Records album, The Nashville Sound. The Alabama-based singer-songwriter takes on a few characters and tells their story, but he also delves into his own life, sharing his hopes and fears about his family and the world with vulnerable honesty. Isbell gives it to you straight, not afraid to get political to produce some of the best writing of his career. Taking it even further is the accompaniment from The 400 Unit, stretching Isbell’s musical boundaries with enormous arrangements and a full band sound that make for an all around awesome listen. Check out a lyric video below for ‘Hope The High Road’, and get the full album here.

Lastly, something to make you walk through the woods with a bit more caution. Based on the David Paulides book series, Missing 411 explores the astonishing number of disappearances from National Parks under eerily similar circumstances. After a tip from a park ranger, who noticed that search and rescue efforts would abruptly stop after the first week, Paulides researched the suspicious patterns following a disappearance. He discovered thousands of missing people all over North America who aren’t on any missing persons databases. With the help of a successful Kickstarter, an investigation into these mysterious disappearances became a documentary. Watch the trailer below before getting the full length film here.

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