Out Today by The Orchard: Kadavar, Cecile McLorin Salvant & More

As September comes to a close, this weekend lends itself to pumpkins galore and skeleton styled everything for the next month. But before you get trapped in your favorite horror movies on constant rotation, let’s take a dive into some new sounds. Get lost in a constant head banging experience, fall numb to a sultry R&B sound and ease the soul with the truth of a country sound veteran, all Out Today.

Guitar heaven and air drumming to your imaginary sea of fans just about sums up the feeling German rock band, Kadavar will give you. The strong vocals behind lead vocalist Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann shines through their hard production. Beneath the many underlying messages in Rough Times, listeners are able to discover and relate to each track. Explore the adventure as “Die Baby Die” takes you through smooth instrumentals and raw vocal power in the video below. Listen to the full album from Nuclear Blast here.

The scene turns to black and white as you’re transported to a quiet bar with a lit cigar and the soundtrack of jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant. The track “You’re My Thrill” hypnotizes you into losing all sense of time and stress. The jazz sensation reels listeners into a world full of soul and passion. Slow dance to the rich melodies of Dreams and Daggers via Mack Avenue Records as the excitement of love thematically lines the new release created from Salvant.

Lucinda Williams’ gritty vocals radiate a state of absolute satisfaction. Her natural ability to pick up the guitar and simply define a track with her blues-infused country melody makes the listening experience that much more enjoyable. From Highway 20 Records, This Sweet Old World offers a taste of authenticity evident in Williams’ Tiny Desk performance with NPR Music, which you can find below. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “West Memphis” cite the tales that can only be felt by a country veteran like Williams, who was listed on Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time,’ this past year. Check it out and pick up This Sweet Old World now.

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