Out Today by The Orchard: Kelsea Ballerini, 11/8/16 & More

Now that October is over, the rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas decor has already begun. Before you get the temptation to blast your favorite Christmas jingles in honor of the jolliest time of year, we have three new releases you’ll want to check out. A popular country artist with her highly anticipated sophomore album, a mini album full of positive gems, and a movie based on one of the most historical days of 2016, all of which hit the stores today!

If anyone had a great year, it’s Kelsea Ballerini. She was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the 2017 Grammy Awards, ranked in at number two on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” music list, and received two nominations at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Now with the release of UnapologeticallyBallerini’s second studio album via Black River Entertainment, there’s no sign of stopping this musical powerhouse. “Legends,” the first single off the album, hit the Hot Country Songs chart in late June and continues to climb, reaching number 23 just this week. Hear the jam that’s making waves across the charts and find out why she’s country music’s most beloved young star.

Whether you were happy or devastated by the results of the 2016 election, most people remember where they were and the excitement or lack there of they felt for the future of the United States. 11/8/16 takes you through the journeys of 16 different Americans and the emotional rollercoasters they felt on the day of the election. The film features those in favor of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and independent nominees, all from different backgrounds and locations across the US. Viewers are welcomed into the many worlds of voters including some you can surely agree with and some whose thought processes are easily questioned. Watch the trailer for 11/8/16, now available in select theaters and on demand.

British folk singer-songwriter, Billy Bragg, bears his soul on his latest album Bridges Not Walls. On the EP brought to us via Cooking Vinyl, Bragg comes to terms with the the hurdles of life and shares his positive methods of moving forward. A true artist, Bragg has been creating songs for years releasing whichever tune struck a chord. He has now gathered some of his favorite pieces and sprinkled in a few new ones for Bridges Not Walls. Drift away to “King Tide and the Sunny Day Flood,” below and dive into the full album, here.

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