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UK Black History Month is ‘Proud To Be’

UK Black History Month is ‘Proud To Be’

Black History Month has been recognized in the UK every October, since 1987. The theme of this year’s events centers on pride with the title “Proud to Be.” In a time that has been far from easy for the Black community, the focus is shifted towards joy and celebration of culture and identity. 

The Orchard UK organized a thoughtful celebration in which they shared music, films, food and games that emphasize the contributions that Black people have made to British culture. Previously, our team worked closely with the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation to inspire ‘A Legacy of Change.’

Below are additional organisations that were created to empower and support underserved communities in the UK and beyond. Each of which have been supported by the Sony Music Social Justice Fund. 

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey was developed to create a safe space for young women and girls to express themselves and foster creativity in a nurturing environment. Programs include educational workshops, leadership, healing in both group and individual settings and much more. 

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Irene Taylor Trust

The Irene Taylor Trust was largely inspired by the work of Sara Lee and supports penal reform through music. The trust is home to the Music in Prisons program which provides a creative learning environment and outlet for expression which is intended to uplift and reduce re-offending rates.

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StopWatch is conducting research and advocating for fair and accountable policing throughout the UK. With educational tools, StopWatch encourages citizens to know their rights, offers legal support to address excessive and unnecessary stop and search tactics. 

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A penal reform effort, Key4Life has proven to drastically reduce re-offending rates through prison and preventative programmes. Key4Life provides a future-facing mentality to reform and uplift at-risk youth through music, sports, therapy and more. 

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Youth Space

Based in Haringey, Youth Space is a community centre and safe space for young people aged 11 to 19 to provide necessary resources for a healthy and fulfilling life. Their offering ranges from job training, to wellbeing programs, housing and financial assistance and more. 

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