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Welcome, Clay!

Introducing, Clay Gorman, Software Developer, Engineering Clay Gorman

My name is Clay Gorman I am very excited to join the Vector team at The Orchard.

I grew up in Placentia, Southern California and lived within Orange County for the majority of my life. My family and I just recently moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. We are enjoying it so far, but we are not looking forward to triple digits this summer!

My last job prior to The Orchard was at VOIPo. VOIPo is a telecommunications company and was quite interesting. I mainly deployed architecture (nginx, redis, kamailio, freeswitch, elasticsearch, mysql, etc) and wrote software (mostly php) for our websites and backend services.

Moving into the music and film/tv industry was definitely an exciting change. I have always been passionate about movies and music and to be able to work professionally in that sector is so exciting!

In my spare time I read books (does an RFC count?), listen to music, go to the movies with my wife, watch TV and enjoy seeing my beautiful one and half year old daughter grow up.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

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