Welcome, Evan M.!

Introducing, Evan Morehouse, Manager of Acquisitions, Film & TV

I am excited to join The Orchard family as Manager of Acquisitions. Born and raised in Larchmont, NY, I received a BA in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University before promptly thrusting myself into the tumultuous world of film festival gypsy-dom. I spent my days cutting my teeth as a Theatre Manager at the Chicago International Film Festival and slowly working my way up to a position on the programming team.

After several years as an employee of various festivals around the country, I decided to abandon the peripatetic lifestyle and finally get a steady job. So, I packed up my car and drove across the country to Los Angeles, where I have worked for nearly two years under the President of Marketing at Broad Green Pictures on such illustrious titles as Bad Santa 2, The Infiltrator and all of those ponderous Terrence Malick movies nobody saw.

My favorite films include Network, The Beaver Trilogy, Adaptation, Weekend, Last Days Of Disco and everything David Lynch has every made (even Dune). Outside of the office you can find me hiking Griffith Park, addictively buying (and reading) comic books, traveling, sleeping and consuming mass amounts of television (currently watching: The Handmaid’s Tale, RuPaul’s Drag Race, American Gods, I Love Dick and the entire seven seasons of The West Wing for the fourth time).

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