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Welcome, Jake O.!

Jake O'ConnorIntroducing Jake O’Connor, Product Analyst, Digital & Physical Distribution

Hey everyone, my name is Jake O’Connor, a newcomer to The Orchard as a Product Analyst on both the Digital and Physical Distribution teams. I am very happy to be here.

I came to The Orchard after a series of sharp turns; first as a House Page and briefly as a speechwriter (Politics), followed by a pivot to Third Bridge (Finance). A year later, some friends called up to ask if I’d join their startup (HR tech). They say the arc of history is long and bends towards justice and with that said, I couldn’t be happier to be at The Orchard working on on the Product team.

Some fun tidbits: I was born in the wine country of CA, went to school in the Bay Area and spent some time at “The End of The World.” I can’t get enough of repetitive instrumentals, I’m a friend of The Pod and my favorite painter is Joan Mitchell.

So why The Orchard? –- It occurred to me recently that you can have a love for music and work in it, too!

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