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Welcome, Morgan!

Welcome, Morgan!Introducing Morgan Lory, Executive Assistant, CEO

Hi everyone! I’m Morgan Lory, Brad‘s new Executive Assistant (aka the new Shelby). I was previously working at SoulCycle at the UNSQ Studio and even though I still love going to SoulCycle (lmk if you need a work-out buddy), my real passion is music. Before working at SoulCycle, I was in the music/hospitality business working for a company that provides custom playlists to hotels, restaurants and retail stores all over the world. I am happy to be back in the music industry and extremely excited to join The Orchard!

I am originally from New Jersey, but have moved a couple of times (from NJ to Connecticut and then back to NJ). I studied Broadcast Journalism and Sociology at the University of Miami (go canes!). I’m a huge sports fan and played varsity softball so if you ever need an outfielder, I’m all in! I also have an obsession with dogs so if you ever bring one to the office, please introduce me (and yourself)!

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