Welcome, Raed!

Raed AtouiIntroducing Raed Atoui, Senior Software Engineer

My name is Raed Atoui and I am joining the Digital Team as a Senior Software Engineer. I have a decade of experience in the digital marketing and services industry building everything from small websites for non-profits and small businesses, to award winning interactive campaigns and products for big brands like Google, Sony, General Mills and Verizon.

I received a BE and MS in Computer Engineering from Stony Brook University, but I’ve always leaned towards the creative arts (ask me about my short lived music career). I’ve worked as gaffer / audio engineer / house manager at my university’s theatre allowing me to attend hundreds of recitals and concerts in contemporary classical, electro acoustic, avant-garde, and jazz music, developing my musical prowess beyond electronic and IDM that I grew up with in the ’90s.

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and have been living in New York for 16 years. When I’m not programming, I play basketball, practice yoga and work on DIY projects using technology like Arduino. I also enjoy art shows and of course just about everything related to music (find me on soundcloud, mixcloud, bandcamp).

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