Welcome, Scott!

Scott-EggenspergerIntroducing Scott Eggensperger, Software Engineer

Hello everyone, my name is Scott Eggensperger and I’m joining The Orchard as a software engineer. Most recently I was working as a web developer and project manager at Adoptive, a branding and technology agency here in Manhattan. Prior to that I was an engineer for a few different aerospace manufacturing companies in Los Angeles, primarily working with operations research models related to scheduling optimization problems.

I’m originally from Thompson Falls, Montana, a bustling city of approximately 1000 people, and graduated from Montana State University (Go Bobcats!). Like most Montanans, I love spending time in the great outdoors and grew up spending my summers hiking in the mountains and floating down rivers, and my winters skiing (and doing my best to stay warm). Unlike most Montanans, however, I’m fascinated by cities and found my way to the two most populous in the country.

My wife, Mariya, and I moved to Red Hook this past summer, and are very excited to be growing a garden which is something we both grew up with. We’re right near Ikea, so if you’re ever out that way and happen to miss the last ferry back to Manhattan, hit us up, you’re not far from friends!

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