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What The #&@$ Do You Do, Liz?!?!

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Liz?!?!Liz Snair, VP, North American Label Management
Joined RED in July 2007

As a leading force of our Label Management team, what the #&@$ do you do Liz?

The label management department is a one-stop shop for our labels. We get involved in every aspect of their interaction with The Orchard, from creating release timelines, to assisting in the setup of physical and digital releases, to working with the sales & marketing teams, reacting to and helping create drivers, and more.

Our team works closely with our labels and does a little bit of everything. Every day is different. We have to look at the big picture (for example, how can we get specific retailers to bring in a physical release?) and the small details (like, how can we make sure our pre-orders stay inside each retailer’s specific parameters?). In my role, I manage the team and workload to make sure our labels are getting the level of customer service they expect and deserve. I work with both the labels and the other departments at The Orchard to make sure they’re getting what they need from the label managers and vice-versa.

We hear that when it comes to your taste in music, metal is a must. What is the craziest metal show you’ve been to and why?

There are so many to choose from, but I’ll try to think of some choice moments. One time, I got hit on the head with a chunk of raw meat at a Carnivore show at Northsix. Another time, at an EyeHateGod show on a boat in the Hudson River, people were jumping off the second level of the boat into the pit on the floor (it was pouring outside, of course). When I saw A.C. at Great Scott, Seth Putnam had just gotten out of a coma, and couldn’t stand without a walker, but was as offensive as ever. And finally, Iron Maiden at Hellfest, because it was my honeymoon and I got to watch my favorite band with 100K of my closest friends.

Each story is gnarlier than the last. Thank you for letting us in on what the &%$* you do!

Ideal vacation spot: Barcelona always. My #2 is the Big Island of Hawaii.
Favorite pop artist: This doesn’t really answer your question, but I LOVE me some Foreigner.
Where’d you grow up: Mechanicsburg, PA– And my dad and middle brother are both mechanics. Coincidence?
Random fact: I don’t like most condiments, but I love hot sauce.

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