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6 Tips To Help Sync Your Music

6 Tips To Help Sync Your Music

Infectious and captivating music is essential for any production these days. Across ad agencies, TV and film production companies, music supervisors are in constant search for the best tracks to fulfill the vision of their latest project. That’s where The Orchard Sync team comes in.

Every day, we receive between eight and twelve requests from a variety of productions who want to license music for their projects. Supervisors are looking to either replace an existing track or find a fresh track to fit a specific spot. Our well-versed creative team then takes a deep dive through The Orchard’s vast catalog and pulls a selection of tracks. Our Sync team will only pitch tracks from labels that have signed a Sync agreement with The Orchard.* Those labels or artists will then be contacted about any sync opportunities that arise, passing along all of the details the supervisor shares with us. Once contacted, feel free to ask our sync team any questions – we are always open to discussing budgets and terms! Ultimately, if your track is selected, (YAY!) our team will work to secure the best possible deal before sending a label approval over for your review and signature.

It is important to note that sync always has a short turn around. Below are 6 key pieces of information and tips to help you secure your deal: 

1.     Who controls the Master Rights of your recording?

2.     In which territories do you control the master rights? If you don’t control the master worldwide, tell us the other master rights holders and the agreed percentage and who controls what, where.

3.     If you control both master and publishing 100% worldwide, make sure to let us know!  We will tell you if it would be more efficient for music supervisors to license the music as a one-stop; where we will license the Master and Publishing on your behalf.  We will apply the same sync split for both master and publishing rights.

4.     Who are the writer(s), the publisher(s), and their Performing Rights Organization (PRO) affiliation. In the US it is usually BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. If you are located in another territory contact us and we will help steer you in the correct direction.

5.     Are there any issues such as Cleared Sample Uses, Side Artist Agreements, and Re-Mixes?

6.     Have an instrumental version and stems (individual tracks such as guitar, drums, vox, etc.) readily available. Also, be sure to have translations if the lyrics are not in English. All U.S. production companies require original lyrics and English translations before any placement can be confirmed.

If you have all of this information available we will not only be able to be far more efficient, but you’ll be in the best position to land a sync!

*If you’re distributed by The Orchard and are unsure if you have a sync agreement in place, you may contact your label manager to discuss.

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