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A Glimpse Into Pride 2024

A Glimpse Into Pride 2024

We are thrilled to mark the success of our Pride festivities we held at a variety of events and activations this year. Celebrating Pride alongside our staff, artists, and partners brings us immense joy. Here are some highlights from this Pride month that we are excited to share with you:

Marching in the New York City Pride March

On June 30th, The Orchard and Sony Music participated in the NYC Pride March. It was amazing showcasing our support in such an iconic event and brought out some of our artists, including Kevin Aviance, Yvie Oddly, Amanda Lepore, and Cherie Lily.

A Glimpse Into Pride 2024

Queer Capita Panel & Survey: Examining the ‘State of the LGBTQ+ Music Industry Professional’

The Orchard collaborated with Queer Capita, a US-based LGBTQ+ non-profit, on a comprehensive survey on the state of LGBTQ+ professionals in the music industry. The survey polled nearly 300 LGBTQ+ artists and music industry professionals to measure their sentiment regarding inclusivity in the workplace, resources, visibility, and other industry concerns. Read the survey results here 

The Orchard’s Meredith Nadeau and Michael Tomzack participated in a panel discussion alongside Stephen Daw (Billboard) and Jess Chase (YouTube) to present the results of the State of the LGBTQ+ Music Industry Professional Survey at the YouTube office in NYC. 

Haus of Melt Performance and Q&A

We welcomed Haus of Melt to the New York office for a Pride celebration! The event – organized by The Orchard’s internal employee group, Culture Club –  featured a panel and performances from local Drag Queens and Kings, @tunameltdrag, @solthedragqueen, @theesuburbia, and @odessadagawd. Haus of Melt is a transgender-owned and operated company focused on LGBT+ creative talent and experiences. They brought amazing performers and had a great discussion/Q&A about music, activism, and their own experiences uplifting their community!

Staff Picks – Pride Edition

The Orchard Staff Picks series highlights our employees’ favorite songs distributed by The Orchard. Our staff shared their own personal Pride picks from around the world! We had Orchardites send in their favorite songs for Pride and how they resonate with them. We’re always thrilled to showcase such diverse talent in independent music! 

Get Ready With Me with Kevin Aviance

We also collaborated with Kevin Aviance to feature his ‘Get Ready With Me’ where he shared his favorite Pride memories and collaboration process. Kevin Aviance is an American drag queen and club/dance musician, and dancer who is a member of the House of Aviance, one of the most notable vogue-ball houses in the United States.

As we look back on the Pride events we’ve covered, we’re genuinely grateful for the opportunity to witness and share in the joy, solidarity, and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s remember that Pride isn’t confined to a single month—it’s a continual celebration of acceptance and we hope you continue to celebrate with us!

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