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Austin Kramer Joins Blanco y Negro Music With New Label, TBD Music 

Austin Kramer Joins Blanco y Negro Music With New Label, TBD Music 

Spanish label Blanco y Negro Music is one of the leading European electronic music labels. The Orchard has been a proud partner of Blanco y Negro Music for years, and we’re excited to distribute their new emerging artists label, “TBD” (To Be Discovered). 

Longtime radio programmer and curator Austin Kramer was brought on to sign “talented producers who may not have a place to exhibit their new sound,” says Kramer. In addition to leading TBD, Kramer will also lead Blanco y Negro Music’s EDM department. We spoke with Austin about TBD’s new partnership with Blanco y Negro Music, the current EDM trends that excite him, and the future of his newly launched label. 

How did your partnership with Blanco y Negro Music come to fruition? 

I’ve been listening to their music as a programmer, curator, and fan for a while now! You definitely have heard of BYN working in the dance music industry. It’s a global genre and they are a global mainstay as Spain’s flagship indie label. 

What is the goal of TBD?

The goal of TBD is to shine a light on new artists, producers, and DJs. For them “To Be Discovered.” It’s a home for those that might not have otherwise had an outlet to release their music, whether it’s their core sound or a new style they’re experimenting with. TBD is where their unfound audience can “Discover” them. 

You have a significant background in radio and playlisting editorial. How can that be applied to operating a label and signing new acts?

I was always told that curation demands the exact same strategy, and openness or sponginess, that A&Ring does. Many folks have told me it’s the same function, just on a separate arm of the music business. 

What trends or new genres in EDM excite you right now? 

A mentor once told me, that more often than not, once you as the programmer get burnt out on a song, the audience’s affinity for it is just beginning. And I think that applies to style and subgenre as well. I’m still stoked about the development of Slap House. And that Techhouse is on the main stage!

On a recent interview with Kaii Dreams on my UNreleased radio show, he was talking about his track “Lost On You” and said, “Slap vibe gives you that kick and groove, that kinda makes you wanna move while you’re sitting on that patio or on that boat cruise.” Comments like that make me remember why Slap came up so quick, and why Imanbek, DubDogz, HVME, & Dynoro soared.

Tech House continues to find its way deeper into not only dance-heads but mainstream culture! We’re releasing an absolute banger from georgeGEORGE called “Fold Back.”  

What are 3 ingredients a producer needs for a great EDM song? 

  1. An instrument unique to them.
  2. A memorable or emotional moment/phrase, drop, or hook.  
  3. To stand behind the track as their creation, their special baby for the world. 

Can you name a few buzzing artists you’re watching now? What makes them special? 

Todd Stucky of “Stuck With Stucky” and “When Your Friend Makes House Music.” I’m looking forward to when Rob Tirea makes a guest appearance as Friend on the latter. 

I’m always watching for new ones by Bexxie, Lachi, Benjamin Duchenne, Sam Sonder, Lee Wilson, Aatma, aboywithabag, AZSH, jaakob, Himanshu Kalwani, ArtwithinEverything, Dj Drew, Iman Kumar Mukherjee. 

I also love that the city of Chicago is once again becoming a House hotspot. Grade School teacher Jakeshoredrive is really standing out with his minimal but catchy house tunes. But he has a secret… before putting out a record, he tests it on his classroom!

Ten years from now, what do you imagine TBD will look like? 

TBD will have helped artists by providing a platform, and be actively serving its purpose of introducing artists and audiences. We’ll continue to do so by leaving the door open for any creator that is too nervous or uncertain to send their music out. 

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