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Celebrating 10 Years of Jullian Records

Celebrating 10 Years of Jullian Records

Join us in congratulating Jullian Records on 10 years! The label, founded in 2012, now maintains offices in New York and Florida and works with top artists such as, Ashlynn Malia, XIXA, Emily Kinney, and The Commonheart.

With over 28k monthly listeners on Spotify, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Ashlynn Malia, shares her vulnerability and her struggles with human connection through music. Her latest release “Lucky Guess,” details the sad experience of having a gut feeling that your relationship with another person is about to change. Malia states, “If making those connections means enduring all the overthinking, insecurity, growing pains, abandonment, rejection, questioning of my own self-worth and blurring of my mental vision – then I’d rather be alone where I’m safe from that type of pain.” 

XIXA is composed of 6 members from the American Southwest. They’ve come to define “The New Southwest” through their music through gritty guitar sounds and blues. Since 2016 they’ve released 3 albums: Bloodline, Genesis, and Road Beyond the Valley. 

We sat down with CEO, President, and Founder of Jullian Records, Cynthia Brossy-Hart, to learn more.

What has been one of the most proud moments for the label in the past 10 years?

Our goal has been to help artists move along in their professional goals, reach the ‘next level’. Watching each artist’s performance and seeing them grow in their craft has been very rewarding and certainly a very proud moment for me.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome?

The biggest challenge we face, is having artists understand our unique focus on transparency. We always set a budget before an artist has signed, and we do not hold onto the artist master recordings.

If there’s one thing you wish you would have known about working in the music industry before starting the label what would it be?

Certainly, there was more than one thing. When I started JR, I knew nothing about the music business. The one thing that stands out to me though, is many people still hold onto the ‘old’ ways of doing things. They are sometimes resistant to change. It’s important to stay flexible and remain open to change. Change is the only constant in our industry.

Which artists should we look out for in upcoming releases?

We have several artists that are releasing this year and next. We are excited about what is happening with The Commonheart, Ashlynn Malia, Emily Kinney, Sid Simons, XIXA, Distant Cousins. Ben de la Cour is our newest signee.

How do you implement your principles – “Teamwork, Respect, Transparency?”

We have a small team that works closely together. They are very responsive to each artist and their projects. We are in touch with management and the artist throughout the project. Our artists appreciate the personal approach and know that every aspect of their project can be discussed at any time.

Who inspired the name “Jullian Records?”

Jullian Records name came from our first artist Jullian James. He inspired our business model of not holding onto the artists’ masters.

What is your approach to selecting artists?

We have a team approach. We look for artists that have been working hard, are strong songwriters, committed to their craft, and those open to receiving help to get them to that next level.

Where do you see the label in the next 5-10 years?

Continuing to help artists and their projects, expanding our repertoire, and listening to a lot of great music.

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