Keep It Interesting: Marketing With Instagram In 2019

Instagram in 2019

As marketers in the age of social media you often have to ask, “am I using Instagram to its best abilities?” With frequent changes, are there new tools you could have overlooked? With upwards of 1 billion monthly users on the third most popular platform, you ought to know your stuff.

Luckily for you, we here on The Orchard Interactive Marketing team always come prepared with the latest and greatest to share with our labels and readers.

Check out our Instagram Best Practices below for some starter tips as well as new features across the LIVE, music, and Story functions. Learn how to display an image or video during a live session or use a question sticker that allows users respond with a song! Take advantage of these new tools on your next campaign and never miss a creative opportunity to connect with fans and get your music heard.

We look forward to seeing the tales you tell on the ‘gram.


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