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Get Cozy With ‘Instant Love Nest’

Get Cozy With ‘Instant Love Nest’We have come to know and love Instant Love, a bi-monthly singles series of famous love songs originally sung by men, now sung between women (without changing the gender). Instant Records is creating a collection or a “living album” via playlists. Instant Love celebrates mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers and everything in between. It also supports feminism, girl power, and the LGBTQ community. Look out for a full length in January 2018.

For the past century, women have heard about themselves mainly through a male gaze, limiting self expression from within. We’ve all heard about “boy-meets-girl” to death. But what about “girl-meets-girl?” What about “girl-loves-girl?” Are women just afraid to sing those words? Or is music just stuck in a rut? What about a song between best friends?!

Instant Love hopes to normalize songs between women for the next generation. They intend to open up feelings of exploration, self-love and truth within listeners to prove we are stronger together, whether we’re in the story or just looking in. And the word is getting out, from Refinery 29 to Billboard, CurveNPR and many many more …

The “Instant Love Nest” interview series extends the vibes further. Allison Zatarain from Instant Records conducts candid conversations with the artists involved one on one, chatting about music, art, love and whatever else wine may uncover.

Enjoy a few of these interview hangouts below for an intimate look inside the project.

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