A Series For Women, By Women to Inspire: INSTANT LOVE

Instant Love Kind WomanToday is International Women’s Day, and also marks the debut of the INSTANT LOVE series by in-house label Instant Records, led by The Orchard’s founder and producer Richard Gottehrer and copilot Allison Zatarain.

INSTANT LOVE is a bi-weekly digital single series of famous love songs that were originally sung by men about women, reimagined with female vocalists. The songs apply to mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers, and everything in between. INSTANT LOVE represents the evaporating gender roles in our society and supports feminism, girl power, the LGBT community, and offers empowerment and unity in a volatile political landscape. And it’s never been done before.

As a proud partner with global distributor The Orchard, Instant Records has the ability to step into the future, shake things up, and create a “living album” in the modern, digital world via growing playlists and by searching for “Instant Love” on a global scale.

Richard explains, “I’ve had success my entire career penning songs for women such as ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ and recording girl groups such as The Go Go’s, Blondie, and Dum Dum Girls. This feels like the next logical step in my support of female artists. But beyond the idea, these recordings stand for themselves – great artists singing great songs.

Allison adds, “We’re excited to offer a new way for women to support each other. It might sound cliché, but I still believe there is nothing more powerful than music, and together we can inject some peace and love to help balance the scales.

INSTANT LOVE begins with a Buffalo Springfield track “Kind Woman” sung by Brooklyn folk singer Erin Durant. You can stream/buy it here, and stay tuned for the next track on March 24th.

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