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The Marketplace Presents: PromoJukeBox

PJB_Logo_Full_v2Building a solid reputation for itself for almost 10 years, PromoJukebox‘s mission is simple: protect and promote your music. With that, their watermarking and music promotion service accomplishes everything you want it to and their customer service is unparalleled.

For these reasons and more, we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with PromoJukeBox to offer watermarked music promotion in The Orchard Marketplace.

PromoJukeBox_PricingNot only does PromoJukeBox provide a secure way for labels and artists to promote their releases by watermarking your material, it also allows you to customize your designs, send them to your contacts, view stats around your mailings, and many more useful, customer-requested features like shareable links and watermarked CDs. All this is available through multiple packages to suit any needs and affordable rates, discounted even further through our Marketplace partnership. What’s more, you get a free one-month trial upon first login to get your feet wet.

Sold yet? We thought so. Here’s how you can use it in The Orchard Marketplace:

  • Install the app on the artist of your choice.
  • PromoJukeBox detects the existing catalog for your selected artist. Click Install to import it into your PJB profile. (Note: if you’ve already imported this release previously, you don’t need to re-import it, simply go to your PromoJukeBox profile using the corresponding link.)
  • Once you’ve installed your release, you can customize its look by clicking on the “Design” option under said release. You can also customize your default template for all promos by going to the Design menu item at the very top of your profile.
  • The promo will include all tracks as imported from your Workstation. If you want to add or remove tracks, click on Edit.
  • When you’re ready, the most important part: click Send to confirm your email address, name, mailing language (multiple languages are supported!), subject and message, as well as add any links or files, feedback preferences and more. You can even select whether or not you want files to be shared as MP3s, WAVs or streams only, and set a maximum number of downloads and a deadline to login.
  • View a Preview then click Send Mail — and you’re done!

Once you’ve sent a given mailing, you can use the Share option to allow external partners such as management, promo agencies, etc. who already have an account with PromoJukeBox to access your promo and send it on your behalf as needed. Simply enter their PromoJukeBox username.

There are many more features to complement the core watermarked promotion tool that PromoJukeBox excels at, which we encourage you to check out. These include a Leak check, Contact list creation for easy mailings and more. We’re excited to welcome this fantastic new promo partner to our Marketplace, and hope you’ll enjoy all it has to offer.

To get you started, check out the video introduction below:

PromoJukeBox is available via The Orchard Marketplace. Find out more about them on their One-Sheet.

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