YouTube Music Upgrades Offline Listening

YouTube Music Offline ListeningAn exciting new development for YouTube Red now offers users more control over what music and videos they play, and when. YouTube Music now allows you to select songs to play offline, which means that you can take your favorites with you on trains, airplanes, the great outdoors and anywhere else without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. For artists and labels, this means more opportunities for your content to be played and greater potential payoff from marketing and natural momentum.

YouTube Red has been around for one to two years now, depending on the territory. There are a number of draws for the service including ad-free streaming, the ability to continue playing videos in the background while using other apps after locking the screen and exclusive video content in the form of YouTube Red Originals. Additionally, YouTube Music, which is included with YouTube Red, allows subscribers to listen to YouTube’s large and unique archive of music offline.

Until now, this service was limited to an algorithmically created playlist based on the user’s watch history. Plenty of users have likely found great music through their personalized playlist, but YouTube Red now offers an extra element of control: users can save specific albums, playlists, and even individual songs for offline listening. Listeners can also choose between high-definition video, standard-definition video or audio depending on how they intend to use the app.

Artists, labels and creators are no strangers to YouTube as a ubiquitous and wide-reaching platform. With this update, you’ll no longer have to rely only on YouTube’s playlist algorithms to connect with fans who utilize offline mode.

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