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Out Today by The Orchard: City and Colour, K-391 & More

Out Today by The Orchard: City and Colour, K-391 & More

This week we’re turning it down a notch and easing into some serious Fall vibes. Our categories this week range from heartfelt slow jams that hit us right in the feels, to upbeat remixes that prep us for the weekend ahead.

City and Colour – A Pill for Loneliness (Still Records)

In 2010, Canadian singer and songwriter, Dallas Green, made the difficult choice to leave five-piece band, Alexisonfire,to pursue City and Colour. Green tells Exclaim!, “It just got to a point when I had to make a decision. A very hard decision. But after ten years, my heart … well part of my heart is there, but most of my heart is with this (City and Colour).” The poetic songwriter and effortless musician, Green describes the new album, A Pill For Loneliness, as both dark and beautiful with inspiration from many deeply personal experiences. Fans will certain be eager to hear the full album and sing it back to the performer at his famously intimate sets.  City and Colour’s new album A Pill For Loneliness, home to latest single “Astronaut,” is out now.

Kelsey Waldon – White Noise/White Lines (Oh Boy Records)

Kentucky born country singer, Kelsey Waldon’s new album, White Noise/White Lines, is out now via Oh Boy Records. The record label is founded by the one and only John Prine, a legend in folk. Kelsey’s album is the first album from an artist, other than Prine, to be released via Oh Boy Records artist in 15 years. Waldon told RollingStone, “To have someone like John Prine, who I have looked up to my whole life, who I have set my songwriting standards after and my general music making standards after, to have someone like him endorse my music and care enough about it to make sure it reaches a wider audience…that means everything.” Listen along below it it will soon be clear Kelsey’s sound is well aligned with the classic and soulful Americana label.  

K-391, Alan Walker & Tungevaag ft. Mangoo – Play (Remixes) EP (MER)

The artists responsible for the massive track “Play” feat. Mangoo, K-391, Alan Walker, and Tungevaag, opened this next project up to include their fans. Using the hashtag #PRESSPLAY, followers were able to submit their own remixes of the song, “Play” ft. Mangoo. After receiving over 1000 entries, they picked three lucky winners and worked each on their remixes before finalizing the EP in London and New York. With millions of views on Youtube, the Play Remixes EP is available to listen to now! Take a listen to them all to find out which remix you vibe with the most

Thats it for this week! Tune in next Friday for more music and check out The Orchard’s (@the_orchard_) Instagram stories for new music! #OutToday

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