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Out Today by The Orchard: Enter Shikari, Miky Woodz, & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Enter Shikari, Miky Woodz, & More!

It’s finally Friday, which means more new music! We can always count on fresh releases to welcome us into the weekend with open arms. This week we are highlighting releases from British electronic rock band Enter Shikari, Puerto Rican rapper Miky Woodz, and American singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne. Explore all different genres on this week’s Out Today!

Enter Shikari, Nothing is True & Everything is Possible (So Recordings)

British electronic-rock band Enter Shikari take elements of different genres ranging from post-hardcore, alternative rock, electronic, and pop and turn it into their own unique sound. Their 2007 debut album Take to the Skies set the band up for early success and thirteen years of recognition in the British rock atmosphere. The band’s sound has evolved and matured but it has remained eclectic and versatile, staying true to the original Enter Shikari energy. Nothing is True & Everything is Possible takes fans into Enter Shikari’s turbulent world with their most visceral album to date. Fans can expect a variety of sounds and songs for every emotion. The band says it is a “record for everyone who’s filled with frustration but hasn’t lost the capacity for hope.” Listen to Nothing is True & Everything is Possible, out now. 

Miky Woodz, Los 90 Piketes (Gold2 Latin Music/GLAD Empire)

Miky Woodz is no stranger to Latin trap and reggaeton. Hailing from Carolina, Puerto Rico, the rapper grew his online following through YouTube and features including Farruko and Juhn. Woodz has already scored a Top Ten Billboard Latin Album with his 2018 album El OG. “The OG” returns with Los 90 Piketes, a fifteen-song album that features collaborations with legendary Latin artists like Wisin and Zion & Lennox. The album was meant to be a surprise for fans during a massive concert in his native island, but ultimately was not possible due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Woodz did not want to delay the release of the album and wants fans to release their stresses with new music. Do just that and listen to Los 90 Piketes, out now. 

Shelby Lynne, Shelby Lynne (Everso Records)

Best New Artist at the 43rd Annual Grammys is no small feat. Nearly twenty years later, American singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne has evolved from the budding country artist she started off as. Venturing through country, blues, soul, roots rock, swing, jazz, and pop, Lynne has become a jack of all trades through her career. I Am Shelby Lynne allowed the singer/songwriter to reveal herself to her fans, but her new album Shelby Lynne removed the “I Am” and gets right to the heart of the artist. The album came from a collaboration with lyricist/director/screenwriter Cynthia Mort that morphed into an unreleased feature film called When We Kill the Creators, a film that depicts a conflicted artist struggling between art and commerce. Every song on Shelby Lynne comes from a deep philosophical and personal place, which brings fans into Lynne’s world. Listen to Shelby Lynne, out now. 

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