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Out Today by The Orchard: Painted Shield, Memphis Depay, C’est Karma

Out Today by The Orchard: Painted Shield, Memphis Depay, C’est Karma

Happy Friday and happy new music release day! You know the drill by now, let’s dive into what new releases are out now from our partners distributed by The Orchard. 

Painted Shield – Painted Shield (Loosegroove Records)

Comprised of Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, singer-songwriter Mason Jennings, and powerhouse drummer Matt Chamberlain, the band Painted Shield present their eponymous debut release via Loosegroove Records. Gossard first founded Loosegroove Records back in 1994, and issued records from acts such as Critters Buggin, Malfunkshun, Weapon of Choice, and signed Queens of the Stone Age and released the band’s debut album in 1998. The release of Painted Shield on Loosegroove Records marks the reboot of the influential label, and of course, with a record special to Gossard himself. The new album is a genre-bending mix of roots rock, electronica and contemporary folk-pop. As for the name of the band and title album, Gossard says, “A song can become like a painting or a piece of sculpture,” Gossard says, “Little by little, as you work on it, a song reveals itself and becomes what it is, and that’s what we have now.” Listen to the new album now and check out the limited color vinyl as part of Record Store Black Friday

Memphis Depay – Heavy Stepper (Ivory Music Limited) 

Professional football player, author, philanthropist, musical artist – is there anything Memphis Depay can’t do? The world first came to know Depay as a professional athlete, he was named  “Dutch Footballer of the Year” for 2014-2015 and serves on both the French club Olympique Lyonnais and The Netherlands’ national football team. On top of his football career, Memphis has also founded his own foundation to support deaf and blind children in Ghana, written an inspiring biography, and released his own solo music, racking up 31 million plays on Spotify and YouTube alone. Today, Memphis releases his new full-length Hip-hop album Heavy Stepper via Ivory Music Limited. The new album features guest appearances from Latin pop singer Zah Santori, Dutch reggae singer Rass King, Ghanian singer and producer Bisa Kdei, and British actor and singer Yasmin Lauryn. Listen to Heavy Stepper now on all streaming platforms. 

C’est Karma – Farbfilm (Radicalis Music GmbH)

In her personal blog, C’est Karma says she didn’t have one of those childhoods where she was “very musical.” Her first musical experience was with the violin, but after five years of classical training at a conservatory, claims “I was not very gifted when it came to the violin and after I quit, I thought I’d had enough of all the music stuff, but here we are now.” Here we are, indeed, as the Alt-Pop songstress from Luxembourg has just released her new EP Farbfilm (Radicalis Music). As a politically and socially engaged artist, C’est Karma uses her music and platform to stand up for relevant causes. In Farbfilm, she explores topics such as misogyny, immigration, and climate change. Farbfilm is a statement. And there’s no question that C’est Karma will continue to be recognized as a relevant voice among uprising young artists who want to change the status quo. 

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