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Spellemann Awards Announce Nominees

Spellemann Awards Announce Nominees

The 50th annual Spellemann awards, AKA the Norwegian Grammys, have announced their nominations, celebrating releases from 2022! This year the ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 15th at the H3 Arena in Fornebu. We’re proud to share that Orchard distributed artists and partners have received 47 nominations across vast categories and genres including, Electronic, Blues, Metal, and more. 

Karpe’s project Omar Sheriff received high acclaim as it was nominated for the Pop, Songwriter of the Year, Lyricist of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Release of the Year, and Song of the Year categories for a total of 6 nominations! The Hindu and Muslim duo is paving the way for a new wave of identity expression in music and beyond.

V2 Records / Blu Released artist Beharie received a nomination in the RnB/Soul category for his EP Beharie, the Third. Last year, he won under this category for his second EP, Beharie // Beharie.

Amongst the Electronic category, ARY / Little Big Sister artist ARY’s self-produced debut album has received a nomination. ARY had first made her mark in 2015, took a break from the spotlight, and has since made a trailblazing return with her success in the techno pop/electronic scene.

Find the full list of The Orchard distributed nominees below and the full list of nominees here.

Alternative Pop & Rock

Louien – Figure Me Out (Jansen Records)

Daniel Herskedal, Emilie Nicolas – Out of the Fog (E2 / Edition Records)

Children’s Music

Aslak Brimi – Teleskopter (ta:lik)

Hallaisiken – 1000 skjermer (Hallaisiken Music / Indigoboom)

Mandarinsaft – Puteslott (Diket / Musikkoperatørene)


Billy T Band – Hi Paradise (Big H Records / Musikkoperatørene)

Kurt Slevigen og Arne Fjeld Rasmussen – Paying Homage To The Blues (AFR Records / Musikkoperatørene)

Rita Engedalen – Sun Will Come (Bluestown Records)


Embra and the Karidotters – Hello, I’m Embla (Die With Your Boots On Records)

Ingvild Flottorp – I Just Wanna Know It All (Vestkyst Records / Musikkoperatørene)

Silver Lining – Go Out Nowhere (Die With Your Boots On Records)

Trond Svendsen & Tuxedos – Don’t Trust the Moon (Blue Mood / Grappa Musikkforlag)


ARY – For Evig (ARY / Little Big Sister)

han gaiden – you called me your erika (Mutual Intentions)


Master Oogway with Henriette Eilertsen – Happy Village (Rune Grammofon)

Moskus – Papirfuglen (Hubro / Grappa Musikkforlag)

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & GURLS – Oui (Grappa Musikkforlag)

Wako – Ut av det nye (Øra Fonogram)


Ensemble Allegria – Britten/Hagen/Strauss (LAWO Classics)


Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt (Indie Recordings)

Khold – Svartsyn (Soulseller / All Independent Service Alliance)

Sylvaine – Nova (Season of Mist)


Karpe – Omar Sheriff (Apen & Kjeften)


Beharie – Beharie, the Third (V2 Records / Blu Released)

Fieh – In the Sun in the Rain (Jansen Records)


Honningbarna – Animorphs (Nye Blanke)

WIZRD – Seasons (Karisma)

Contemporary Classical Music

Ida Løvli Hidle – Skumring (LAWO Classics)

Løvlid/Hytta/Nyhus – Unamna (Simax Classics)

Trondheim Symfonirorkester & Opera – Jon Øivind Ness: Marmæle/Mørkgånga (LAWO Classics)

TONO’s Composer Award

Bjørn Morten Christophersen – The Lapse of Time (Simax Classics)

Eirik Hegdal – Samlede Vandrehistorier (Particular Recordings Collective)

Honningbarna – Animorphis (Nye Blanke)

Inger Hannisdal – North South East West (Ok World / Jazzland)

Traditional Music

Akselsen/Kvernberg/Carstensen – Horta (Heilo / Grappa Musikkforlag)

Erlend Viken Trio – Fete slåtta (Heilo / Grappa Musikkforlag)

Julie Alapnes – Helleristning (ta:lik)

Folk pop / Viser

Trond Granlund – Sanger jeg lærte av Jokke (Østkantfolk / Lydmuren)

Songwriter of the year 

Karpe – Omar Sheriff (Apen & Kjeften)

Music Video of the Year

Karpe – “” (Apen & Kjeften)

Lyricist of the Year 

Fredrik Høyer – Baksaas + Høyer (Tårnet / Fredrik Høyer)

Karpe – Omar Sheriff (Apen & Kjeften)

Producer of the Year

Aksel Axxe Carlson og Thomas Meyer Kongshavn – Omar Sheriff (Apen & Kjeften)

Release of the Year

Honningbarna – Animorphs (Nye Blanke)

Karpe – Omar Sheriff (Apen & Kjeften)

Song of the Year

Karpe – “” (Apen & Kjeften)

Vinni – “glorie” (MER Musikk)

International Success of the Year

Daniel Herskedal (E2 / Edition Records)

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