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The Marketplace Presents: SoundOut

You’re an artist, you make music, you like your music, you sign with a label who likes your music too and you’re about to release a new album for the world to hear that you hope will like it just as much or more. With their unique technology based on semantic analysis of reviews over… Read more »

5 Things To Do With Your Film’s iTunes Sales Heatmap

Among the many services your Orchard client dashboard offers, detailed Analytics of your sales is one you don’t want to overlook. It provides you with a transparent look into your revenue accounting across all platforms and territories and even provides daily iTunes analytics, including a visual map of your iTunes sales by zipcode – similar… Read more »

Introducing New & Improved Analytics

As an active Orchard client, you’ve probably been using the sophisticated products we’ve released over the past few years; including Release Builder (create releases), Artist Builder (manage an artist roster and their marketing assets) and our new Marketplace (use third party sales and marketing tools). The next logical step is an enhanced version of our Release… Read more »