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You Can’t Compete With Free

Have you ever read a business book? If you have, you know that the first thing you learn is that you need to start by answering some very basic questions like: What is the Market Opportunity? –    What problem do you solve? –    How large is the potential market? –    How fast… Read more »

Digital Music Is Flourishing: The Music Industry Is Willing To Learn

According to a recent survey by the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (Federal Association of Music Industry) in Germany, legally purchased digital music is an expanding market in which it is worth investing. The music industry has often been criticized for having too few available digital music and streaming deals – which is one reason why illegal streaming… Read more »

California Streaming

By now if you haven’t heard of streaming stores you must be living in a sealed room at the bottom of a very, very dark hole. Since Napster (the legal version) first started right through to the recent US developments with Rdio it seems that every new music service is embracing streaming. Why? Well firstly… Read more »

Using an iPad in the Music Industry Part 3: Merch, Marketing, Managing

Thanks everyone for checking out the series.  Here is the last installment, all about The Business. Along with being a great tool for musicians, engineers and producers, the iPad is well suited for everyone working in the business sector of the music industry.  By everyone, I really mean everyone.  Managers, marketers, merch retailers, bands, brands,… Read more »