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Zombies and Phantoms and Witch Fingers, Oh My!

Zombies and Phantoms and Witch Fingers, Oh My!

Pumpkins, haunted houses, and plenty of candy. What could be better? A Halloween-themed playlist created by us here at The Orchard, of course. As always, we got you covered with music that’ll be perfect for all of your Halloween festivities. So, whether you’re staying in and handing out candy on the front porch, binging on your favorites from the couch, or having a wild night out, we’ve got the perfect set of songs for you. 

This playlist is almost too ghoul to be true. Check it out!

Skepta –Redrum” (Boy Better Know) 

Let’s take a moment to just admire the beat and flow of this song. We can’t think of a better track to blast this halloween. This is sure to be a club banger.

*Please watch responsibly

Olivia Jean – “Night Owl” (Third Man Records)

Now if this song by Olivia Jean doesn’t give you straight 80s Halloween, feminist vibes, I don’t know what will. The guitar tones along with Jean’s attitude-tinged vocals makes for a perfect track to get pumped for a night with the girls. 

Frankie and The Witch Fingers – “Dracula Drug” (Greenway Records) 

It doesn’t get more Halloween than a name like Frankie and The Witch Fingers, does it? Along with a track titled “Dracula Drug” you’ve got your essential setting for a haunted house jam. The eerie intro will certainly set the mood. 

Say Lou Lou – “Phantoms” (Cosmos) 

Three words: Romantic. Spooky. Chilling. This song will get you ready for a creepy yet cozy Halloween with bae. Light that pumpkin spice candle and turn this one all the way up. “I believe in Phantoms, baby.” After listening to this song, so do we. 

Surf Curse – “Hour of the Wolf” (Danger Collective/House Arrest) 

The dreamy guitar and vocals are an ideal backdrop for a chill evening with great friends. Just be careful and make sure to be home by the hour of the wolf. You wouldn’t want to encounter any dangerous creatures in your travels.

Ghostly Kisses – “Zombie” (Akira Records)

Let’s take it down a notch, take all that sticky Halloween makeup off and unwind from that sugar high. Ghostly Kisses provides the cool down after a long day of tricks and treats. An emotional take on the living dead, this song hits us right in the feels, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Until next Halloween, make sure to add your favorite tracks to your spooky playlist and tune in for more music for the holidays ahead! We’re just getting started and trust us, we have plenty of music for you.

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