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Welcome, Jesika!

Jesika BetheaIntroducing, Jesika Bethea, Associate Product Marketing Manager

My name is Jesika Bethea and I’m very excited to be joining The Orchard team as an Associate Product Marketing Manager.

I’ve come to The Orchard following time spent in the world of education technology, where I developed a specialty in building bridges between people and organizations through community engagement, event planning, brand awareness and omni-channel marketing campaigns. I am extremely thrilled to be a part of The Orchard’s product marketing efforts going forward.

Inspired by my love for fitness, I founded a mentorship program called “Be A Beauty and A Beast” dedicated to uplifting and acknowledging young women who are motivated to pursue their fitness goals. Our mentors are not just women with careers in the fitness or sports realm, they are teachers, mothers, community members and others who are passionate about health and are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of high school-aged girls.

Some other things about me: I am a true Jersey girl, graduate of Susquehanna University where I studied Public Relations, a concert junkie, and an avid reader and writer. Also, in my free time I often daydream of becoming a Transformer or member of The Avengers.

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