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What You Should Be Watching: Insecure, Blood Drive & More

What You Should Be Watching: Insecure, Blood Drive & MoreWith streaming services and TV stations pumping out new shows left and right, we understand the inner dispute that begins when trying to choose just one. Even thinking about that mile long list of shows you need to catch up on, or begin, can cause some panic! Here are some recommendations the sync department believes deserves a higher spot on your running list:

Insecure (HBO)“Shake That Monkey” by Too Short featuring Lil Jon (TVT)

You may not want to admit it but, who doesn’t love a classic rom-com to please a portion of your many guilty pleasures? Tag along with Issa and Molly, college BFFs who are comically trying to navigate the dating scene while also exploring current social and racial issues. The sync team was more than happy to join in on HBO’s new musically acclaimed series by adding in a few tracks including Too Short’s “Shake That Monkey” featuring Lil Jon.

Blood Drive (Syfy)“Speed Girl” by Electric Frankenstein (Victory)

Grindhouse fans rejoice! Follow Arthur Bailey, former cop, who must survive a vicious race in a near-dystopian future where cars run on human blood and psychos are crawling around every corner. Blood Drive’s exhilarating use of violence, gore, and sexuality is not for the faint-hearted. Hopefully you can hold out to hear Electric Frankenstein’s “Speed Girl” in Episode 3.

Fargo (FX)“Faust: Flower’s Charming” by Ivan Marinov & Varna Philharmonic Orchestra (KVZ)

If you enjoy a classic murder mystery with a side of dark humor to “lighten” the mood, then Fargo is just what you’re looking for. Taking place in the same universe as its late 90’s hit movie inspiration, each season of Fargo follows an original crime full of odd twists and quirky characters. As you’re wrapping up the third season, catch “Faust: Flower’s Charming” by Ivan Marinov & Varna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Claws (TNT)“The Christmas Boogie” by Davies Sisters (Document Records)

Manicurist by day and money launderer by night sounds like an exhausting life but let the ladies at Nail Artisans in sunny Florida show you just how fun it can be. Niecy Nash’s new drama series follows a strong, creative group of five manicurists who know just how to compete in the male dominated world of organized crime. Catch the Davies Sisters’ “The Christmas Boogie” amongst harrowing escapes and freshly painted acrylic sets.

Image Courtesy of Melpomene / AdobeStock

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