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Case Study: Machine Head Tease Bloodstone & Diamonds with Hidden Interactive Clips

When thinking of Metal legends, Bay area rockers Machine Head are among the first to jump to mind. Having just released their eighth studio album, Bloodstone & Diamonds, on November 10 via Nuclear Blast, these guys have been pushing the envelope and finding new ways to melt faces for over twenty years. As could be expected,… Read more »

The Orchard Chart Toppers: October 2014

October was a month for the Hard Rockers and Metalheads of The Orchard, with some top positions for Relapse Records, Pure Noise Records, Nuclear Blast and Ipecac Recordings with Obituary, State Champs, Exodus and the Melvins, respectively. That doesn’t mean other genres did get their say: Soul got a good rep there with The Budos Band,… Read more »

The Orchard Chart Toppers: August 2014

As we bid farewell to the summer months, we also bid congrats to some great acts who made themselves known on the charts this past month. Highlights include the hot new band Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas. This brand new act has shown tremendous organic growth, seducing fans at every turn, and landed some impressive spots… Read more »

Symphonic Metal Meets Opera Meets Hip-Hop on “Hydra”

Dutch Symphonic Rock band Within Temptation is preparing to release their sixth studio album, Hydra, on Nuclear Blast. The band recently revealed details regarding the guest appearances made on the release, and some of the artists involved may be a little unexpected — and therefore very exciting. First on the list is Dave Pirner of “Runaway… Read more »

Carcass’ New Album Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Carcass, the legendary British metal band who created the Gore-Grind genre and set the bar for melodic Death Metal, is dropping its new album, Surgical Steel, this September 17th in the U.S. As a special preview for impatient fans, you can already stream and download the track “Captive Bolt Pistol” courtesy of Nuclear Blast. Surgical Steel is the band’s sixth… Read more »