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A New Conference In Mexico: Monitor Latino Digital Summit Convention

A New Conference In Mexico: Monitor Latino Digital Summit ConventionOn August 8, 2018 Monitor Latino hosted the first Digital Summit Convention, a meeting place for professionals in the music industry at one of the key venues in Latin America: Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral.

The programming organized by Monitor Latino was engaging and full of interesting presentations. The Orchard Mexico Team attended the event including Claudia Ochoa (Director) along with Luis Palmeros (Marketing Manager) and Olivia Quiroz (Client Manager). The team discusses their experiences at the conference, walking through the important topics highlighted.

A New Conference In Mexico: Monitor Latino Digital Summit ConventionSharing Ideas

Conferences create awesome opportunities to unite our partners from all over the globe. Every event, big or small, we do our best to meet up with our labels, gain new insights from our retailers and maintain our relationships across the industry as a whole.

“The Monitor Latino Digital Summit was the perfect excuse to gather with a lot of colleagues from the music industry, partners and labels. Several of our Regional Mexican labels travelled from the USA to Mexico City to attend the conference and get feedback on how the digital market is changing.” – Claudia Ochoa

“The halls were packed with an infectious vibe of community, it felt like everyone knew each other. With an emphasis on local latin regional content, the conference felt true to the territory.” – Luis Palmeros

A New Conference In Mexico: Monitor Latino Digital Summit ConventionRoyalty Collection In The Streaming Era

Royalty collection is possibly the most important yet highly misunderstood topic. Learning about collections straight from the source from SoundExchange and EMMACSACM, helps foster and greater understanding of the importance of rights management in the digital age.

“I think that one of the most useful conferences was “Collection of SoundExchange Royalties” by Matthew Limones, who explained how they collect royalties and the benefits of the service; very common doubts were answered in a very concise manner.” – Olivia Quiroz

“The conference “Copyright in the Digital World” presented by Carlos Ruiz director of EMMACSACM (society in charge of collecting royalties for composers in Mexico) gave clarity and perspective on how they collect royalties from all the digital streaming platforms on behalf of musicians and composers and how the society is continuously looking for more agreements that benefit the composers.” – Claudia

Retailer Insights

Staying on top of platform changes can be imperative to your business. It’s key not only to know the tools available to you as a label/artist but also to understand how fans are using the service to search, discover and stream music. Leverage your tools to learn about your listeners and drive traffic in the most effective way.

“The digital world is constantly changing so it’s important to keep labels and partners updated, and what better way than by obtaining tat information from the platforms themselves! Spotify presented their their platform strengths thanks to their local reps Michelle Gas and Uriel Waizel, and ended with a cocktail party giving us an opportunity to meet with local representatives.” – Olivia

Overall, the convention was very successful and we expect the event to grow and blossom in the coming years.

Image courtesy of Monitor Latino and The Orchard

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