Get Your Crossposting Video On (Facebook)

crossposting on FacebookEarlier this month, Facebook announced new crossposting video features for all Pages. How can you utilize this in your marketing campaigns?

Let’s say your artist is releasing a video for their new single and they upload it to their Facebook Page. Previously, you as the label would share the artist’s post to promote the video release (or vice versa). You were not able to see any insights on how the video was performing outside of the public facing stats that appear on the post itself, for instance views, comments and shares. Often times, this led to duplicates of the same video being posted from different Pages. There was no clear way to aggregate the video performance amongst various posts.

With this update, the artist can give the label access to the same video — the original publisher controls the video and what Pages can crosspost it. When they do, you will find this asset in the “Videos You Can Crosspost” tab under Publishing Tools. From there you can create a custom post and distribute from your Page.

Crossposters are able to see the performance on their Page, while the original publisher can see the aggregated video metrics across all of the Pages crossposting. For more details and tips, watch this video.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook

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