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The Importance of Video When Marketing Your Content

9izxraeGTBy now you have heard rumblings or read articles about the importance of online video and incorporating this content into your marketing strategy. There’s a good reason! With Snapchat reporting more than 7 billion video views per day, people watching hundreds of millions of hours of video every day on YouTube and Facebook’s coming in with 100 million hours of watch time on a daily basis, the proof is in the pudding — not to mention the latest with 360 video and the impending VR. Video should be top of the list when planning your content strategy. 

Recent Updates to Note

Facebook Live Video: While this feature has been around for a while for public figures, it has more recently rolled out to users in the U.S. (using the FB app on iOS or Android). In addition, Facebook has released new ways to “go live,” for example within Facebook Groups and Events where people can use reactions to interact in real-time with a broadcast, and live videos can be enhanced with filters.

Snapchat “3D” Stickers & Advance Stories: More fun with emojis! Within the Snapchat app, you can record video, choose an emoji to stick onto a moving object and the sticker will follow the object you chose throughout your video. Another recent update is Auto-Advance Stories, which push the user into auto-play viewing when they watch their friends’ Stories in their feed.

Longer Video on Instagram: Soon you will be able to upload up to 60 seconds of video to Instagram. This feature first rolled out to advertisers; with this update, users will now also be able to show more to their followers. Instagram also announced bringing back multi-clip editing to iOS.

Content Ideas

People are people 🎵 so why should it be… 🎵 (anyway, back to the task at hand), so show off your personality as well as what makes you or your project unique. Do keep in mind, what you may think is just a mundane routine could in fact be quite interesting to your fans.

For example, broadcast live from your rehearsal — perhaps you have a new album coming out and you are gearing up for tour dates. Give fans a sample of the new songs that you will be playing on the road in support of the release.

Alternatively, tease tracks or an event through Snapchat Stories. You can make these fun and interesting by adding the 3D stickers, doodling or adding text, or perhaps dropping a geofilter. Bonus: did you make a really great Snap, feeling like you mastered the art of the emoji? Save that Snap to your camera roll and upload to other accounts to make the most of that content.

The possibilities are endless and unique to your vision, so get to capturing your own content!

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