Snapchat Tips, Tricks & Best Practices: 2017 Edition

Snapchat Best PracticesSnapchat has come a long way in the past year. They went public, and yes, they began producing their own Spectacles, but the app also made a number of updates that made it more fun (and valuable) than ever to be an artist on Snapchat.

Once the best kept secret of experimental marketers, it’s now a core component of any social strategy that targets a young, mobile-savvy audience.  And since we last shared our Snapchat best practices, the app has gained 61 million daily users that visit 18 times a day. No big deal.

Interestingly, despite the increasing mainstream appeal, Snapchat somehow maintains its trademark authentic feel. The combination of bigger reach and authenticity make it one of 2017’s rarest opportunities to reach fans under 34 years old.

But before we start snapping away, it’s important to note that with this informal, on-the-go format comes a whole new set of best practices. These are ultimately what separate the replayed snap from the skipped-over.

Whether you’re a power user looking to take those snaps to the next level, or just now coming around to the idea, we’ve created a paint-by-numbers guide to your success on the platform in 2017:

Image Courtesy of Snapchat

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