Snapchat Tips, Tricks & Best Practices: 2018 Edition

Snapchat TipsA lot has changed for Snapchat in the last year. Certain user- and brand-friendly features have been added in order to remain competitive with its main rival, Instagram Stories.

Despite the changes in the social media landscape, Snapchat has retained its trademark feature: 24-hour limit on Stories.  Although the app’s growth as slowed down since we last shared our Snapchat tips and best practices, the past year has still seen the service gain 17 million daily users that upload 1 million snaps per day. It looks like the fun and friendly social media app is here to stay.

Social media is a constantly adapting resource aimed to make sharing content easier. Recent updates have been made which segment friends from brands. Friends are users who are following you back and will appear in the left portion of the app, while brands are those who have not reciprocated the follow. Keep this in mind as you post or follow fans back.

Whether you’re a Snapchat diehard or still unsure of how to best use the platform, we’ve put together a guide to posting your best snaps yet in 2018. Below you can find a full breakdown of our recommendations. We explore who uses the app, how to use it, the ideal content and even a few ideas for how you can start supporting your upcoming releases. Remember to keep your fans engaged and eager for more!

Image Courtesy of Snapchat

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