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Freeloader Friday: Gary Wilson, Papadosio & More

Welcome back to Freeloader Friday! Looking for new music? We’ve done the digging for you. Check out our notes on The Orchard’s latest and greatest releases, do some Friday afternoon listening, and get ready for a great weekend!  Gary Wilson’s latest album, Alone With Gary Wilson, is oddly infectious. This collection of upbeat, Synth-laden tracks… Read more »

Go Indie with Your Summer Movies

Summer will always be summer at the movies. The hottest months make us want to shake off the weight of real life for an epic, otherworldly journey or a silly romp. After being teased by trailers since Christmas, we finally get pay-off in the form of star-studded sex comedies, hyper-enhanced comic book adaptations, and a… Read more »

“It’s not TV. It’s Netflix.”

Will 2014 be a turning point in the “battle for screen time?”  Amazon Studios announced its new slate of series orders from their unique, popular vote-driven pilot process last week — and while Netflix and Hulu took a more casual approach to unveiling their latest batch of original content, the user reviews for April Fools release “Rotisserie Chicken” so far are… Read more »