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IG, You G, We All G on IGTV!

IG, You G, We All G on IGTV!With the introduction of IGTV, now is the time to be a first mover and make a splash! Before taking the plunge, let’s talk about what we know, and what we’re already seeing on IGTV.

IGTV is the newest addition to the Instagram brand, bringing long-form video content to the platform, with the option to upload videos up to an hour long. What sets IGTV apart from other video platforms is that the content is focused around vertical video.

To get started on IGTV, click the orange IGTV icon at the top of your feed, or go through the IGTV app, and create a channel! Once you have a channel, you can select your icon next to the search bar in IGTV to begin uploading content. At this time, you can upload up to 10 minute video clips, while select creators can share videos up to 60 minutes long. Your videos will then be searchable across IGTV and will appear in the “Following” section for your followers. A button to your channel will also appear in the Highlights section of your profile once you have a video posted.

IG, You G, We All G on IGTV!What we’re seeing so far:

Some users have been uploading older horizontal content in a vertical format just to be a first mover, while others have been creating vlog-like welcome videos. Here are some pieces that have stood out from the bunch:

Where we go from here:

The first important thing is to distinguish IGTV from Instagram Stories. IGTV is meant for lasting content that should be high quality and captivating whereas Stories let you capture small moments to share with your followers. With the platform being so new, this gives you a lot of room to be creative and make a great first impression. Here are just a few ideas for interesting content:

  • Create a video series
  • Host Q&As/Interviews
  • Show behind-the-scenes content
  • Create vertical album teasers
  • Post performance art
  • Create vertical music video pieces
  • Acoustic Videos
  • Album commentary videos

For music artists, social media can be an extension of their art, showcase their brand, and create a world for their audience, and we can’t wait to see the worlds you create on IGTV.

Images courtesy of Instagram

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