Welcome, Alessio!

Introducing Alessio Radoccia, Marketing Manager, Italy

Hi everybody, I’m Alessio the newest Marketing Manager for the Italian territory. I’m very excited to become a part of the wonderful team at The Orchard!

As a professional, I’ve worked primarily in the music business because it’s the only thing I’ve always wanted to do in my life. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Music Communication, I joined one of the leading independent Italian dance land pop labels, Energy Production (Italian home to Bob Sinclar, DJ Antoine to name a few). At Energy Production I assisted the Digital Manager and then quickly drifted into the family of Made In etaly, a digital distributor in the Italian business.

Music has always been the beating heart of my life! I remember playing clarinet at the age of 6 and growing up with the great music my lovely Dad used to make me listen to: Elvis, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and tons more. During my high school years, I discovered punk rock and my life changed forever. I embraced the bass guitar and I started playing with my band Lekkerbekken whenever and wherever possible. I recorded and released music, I wrote for other talented artists and I even played MTV Days 2010 and showcases for fashion brands like Sisley and Trussardi. No matter what, I have always had fun!

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