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antoneIntroducing Antone DeSantis, Manager, Sales & Retail Marketing

Greetings and happy new year! My name is Antone (sounds like Ann-Tone) DeSantis. I was born, raised and spent most of my life in Brooklyn before it became the hipster capital of the world. I escaped and moved to the far west side of midtown Manhattan residing in the gritty neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen. I moved for a job to Los Angeles for 4 years living in another trendy part of the world, Los Feliz. My wife and I missed our NYC roots and were fortunate enough to return to our midtown apartment where we lived for the past 10 years with our teenage son.

Music has always been a very big part of my life. Even though I was never a musician I always knew and wanted to be in the business in some capacity. I grew up as a record collector resulting in me working in my teens as a record store clerk, club DJ, band roadie/booking agent/manager all culminating in a career of music sales and marketing. That all started in independent distribution selling primarily rap and dance records leading me me to positions selling and marketing some of the greatest music ever recorded at Rhino Records, WEA Distribution, Sanctuary Records Group and Universal Music Enterprises. I am thrilled to bring that experience to this dynamic company joining the hardest working sales team for physical releases in the music distribution business.

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Franklin Brown

Congratulations Antone on joining the Orchard Team!! I hope this new venture brings great things for you as you bring great things to the Orchard Team.


Franklin Brown
B.O.N.E Ententertainment


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