Target The Best Audience For Every Campaign

It’s important for artists to post engaging content frequently on socials, whether it’s videos or text. Not only does this keep your audience up-to-date, but the more you connect with your fans, the better data you can gather to develop effective advertising campaigns.

Social media advertising tools across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network can be used to target an audience based on previous viewers. From the level of action to the type of media, you can specify the exact audience to properly segment your campaign.

Page Engagement Audiences

Page Engagers and Page Visitors audiences are impactful segments to connect with users who have engaged with your content previously. Page Engagers are people who have liked, commented, shared and more. Page Visitors are Facebook users who have simply visited the page but have not taken any further action. You can use this information to target Page Visitors with ads that encourage engagement and target Page Engagers to drive them further down the funnel towards, a retailer and/or streaming service where they can listen to your music.

Video Views Audiences

Whether it’s an official music video, the artist singing a cover, or announcing an upcoming tour, you can specify your audience based on the length of time users have watched videos in the past. Ideally, those who have watched 50% or more, are the best to target considering they have interacted with your videos the most.

Event Engager Audience

Event Engager audiences consist of Facebook users who have interacted with events on the artists Facebook Page. Here, you can segment ads towards those who are interested in an event but haven’t indicated they are attending. This way you can remind fans to purchase tickets and come out to the show. Use the same tool to appeal to users who are interested in seeing another artist performing at the same show or event.

Remember, the more your fans engage with your posts, the more you can learn about your fans to create impactful advertising campaigns and share your music with the masses.

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