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Love & Heartbreak: A Valentine’s Day For All

Love & Heartbreak: A Valentine’s Day For All

You’ve seen the advertisements and pink-coated shopping aisles, it’s inevitable… Valentine’s Day is almost here. Whether you’re planning to get a bouquet for a special someone, or buying all the chocolate for yourself, there’s really no wrong way to do Valentine’s Day.

One of the most popular themes in music is “Love.” However, it comes in many forms: infatuation, generosity, discontent and even heartbreak. To symbolize the range of feels that accompany cupid, we’ve put together some of our top tracks that fit the theme. So, if you’re looking forward to spending February 14th with a significant other, check out our variety of romantic tracks. And if you’re planning on a cozy night to yourself or celebrating your independence with friends or family, we’re here for you too!

Romantic Date Night

“The Few Things” by JP Saxe (Black Box)
Talk about marriage material. This slow heartfelt track will leave you swooning and has some serious “first dance” potential. For those of you who may be ready for that next step and really want to take advantage of the holiday with some diamond accoutrement, take notes.

“Amantes de una Noche” by Natti Natasha & Bad Bunny (Pina Records/SME Latin)
What happens when Natti Natasha and Bad Bunny pair up? That’s right, absolute magic. Perfect for a Palentine’s party.

“Consensual Seduction (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)” by Mick Jenkins (Cinematic Music Group) You may not be able to talk as smooth or fast as Mick but you can definitely appreciate this track, especially paired with the back and forth with Corinne Bailey Rae. Pour a glass of wine and turn down the lights for this one.

“I Like You” by Liv Dawson (Twenty Eight Music)
Okay, it might not be “love” but there’s nothing wrong with taking things one step at a time. Follow in the footsteps of the young pop singer and confess your “like” to your crush.

“Stay Awake With Me” by Dan Owen (Dan Owen)
You can hear the emotion in every note and key stroke from Dan Owen. Distance, illness, a friend or a family member, nothing is worse than being separated from the ones you love. Try to keep it together and appreciate those precious moments.

“Sweet Poison” by TOBi (Same Plate)
Love is so powerful it can blind us to reality. TOBi lays on the slow and sensual, perfect for a romantic night in with your kryptonite.

Thriving On My Own

“Is It Really Me You’re Missing” by Nina Nesbitt (Cooking Vinyl)
We’ve all been heartbroken (yes even the talented and beautiful Nina Nesbitt). So next time you get that late night text…cue this song. Just remember, if you’re feeling a little bitter, scars make us stronger and help us recognize when something is working and when it’s not.

“I Only Hurt the Ones I Love” by Black Honey (Foxfive Records)
Sometimes, going taking time for yourself is just safer for everyone involved. Celebrate your powerful independence and keep a safe distance with Black Honey.

“The Last One” by The Aces (Red Bull Records)
Fed up with the games? So are The Aces. So acknowledge the lameness and then make space for positivity!

“I’m Good” by Abby Anderson (Black River Entertainment)
This country sweetheart has a huge voice with a sprinkle of sass. So if you don’t want to waste your time with the one who’s done you wrong, just let them know, “I’m Good.”

“Te Bote Remix (feat. Darell, Ozuna, Nicky Jam)” by Nio Garvia, Casper Magico, Bad Bunny (Flow La Movie/Get Low Records)
Nothing says “back off” quite like this track. Talk about bad breakups…this track has become massive and may be best for a wild night at the club when you need to let off some steam.

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